Environmental Impact Assessment for the highway section Skopje – Tetovo

Detailed description of project ABC As a local partner was involved in the preparation of the EIA for particular sections of the international high way  (corridor 8), Skopje – Tetovo.
Type of services provided
  • Organization and collection of relevant data required for preparation of the EIA study
  • Required survey maps, soil maps, additional hydro-geological data, meteorological data,
  • Mapping of flora and fauna areas in the concerned sections;
  • Facilitation of communication between the leading contract authority and the institutional officials involved, both on local and central level;
  • Communication between the contracting company and the Employer ( the Fund of National and Regional Roads) and the designer;
Period of implementation 1998/1999
Overall project value (EUR) 160.000
Portion of project carried by ABC Consulting 30,00%
Name of client Fund for National and Regional Roads
Origin of funding EBRD
Country Republic of Macedonia
Name of partners ERM Lahmeyer