Concept and Feasibility Study for a Solid Waste Management Project in Southern Macedonia

Detailed description of project KfW has contracted ERM GmbH to perform a Concept and Feasibility Study for a Waste Management Project in the Western Region of Southern Macedonia. The project region comprises about 35 municipalities inhabited by approximately 420,000 citizens.

Main aspects of the project are:

  • The implementation of a new sanitary landfill, perhaps together with some pre-treatment for selected solid waste streams
  • The establishment of an environmentally sound management of urban, commercial, industrial and hospital waste collection and disposal system in the project area including the assessment of viable treatment measures
  • Special emphasis has to be laid upon the development of proposals for efficient organizations, e. g. public enterprises in combination with private sector participation
  • The improvement of existing collection and transport facilities
  • The implementation of waste avoidance and minimization measures
  • The improvement and expansion of the existing recycling system
  • Technical advice on the controlled closure and securing of the existing dump sites

In addition, the project comprises know-how transfer to the municipalities involved in the project as well as to the responsible national representatives and decision maker in order to strengthen the local waste management organizational capacity. For this purpose also an inter-communal waste management association (public enterprise) was established including representatives of local authorities, private firms, and further stakeholder.

Type of services provided
  • inventory and collecting data of the existing conditions, as a background for project justification;
  • Assisting in development a concept of an improved waste management system and formulation of a project proposal to address urgent needs for improvement;
  • Assessments of technical and management capacity of the concerned municipalities
  • Site investigations and surveys as required
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Survey of the existing legal frameworks and standards of waste management;
  • Preparations and  establishment of  a Public Enterprise;
  • Support the municipalities – specification of the task , goals and staff to be employed;
  • Supporting the establishment of the proposed entities,
  • Survey on Socio-Economic  Baseline and       Willingness to pay ;
Period of implementation 02/02 – 02/03 and Bridging Phase 06/04 – 10/04
Overall project value (EUR) 372,000
Portion of project carried by ABC Consulting 30,00%
Name of client Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of R.Macedonia
Origin of funding Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau KfW
Country Republic of Macedonia
Name of partners ERM GmbH