Consulting Services

ABC Consulting is a family owned business which, founded as one of the first consulting companies in the Republic of Macedonia, has grown and developed on its experience during the last 20 years.  We assemble teams of professionals from various fields of work with complementary skills to suit the needs of your complex projects. Our company commits to a highly professional approach to every single one of our projects. Our interantional affiliates appreciate our expertise in consultancy and trust in our knowledge of the local legislation and conduct.

Our consulting activity is developed and applied in the range of environmental planning, water resources, waste management, renewable energy, supervision and monitoring of construction works in various areas.

Our specialists offer services aimed at developing policies, assessing impact, creative design and implementation, gaining regulatory approvals, reporting publicly and managing risk while controlling costs.

Our full-service consultancy includes strategic advice and full project implementation, covering community participation, communication with stakeholders and concerned governmental authorities.

During the course of our work we implement corporate responsibility programs, including environmental, social and economic aspects.

Image 080The work of ABC Consulting’s water specialists ranges from strategy development to the detailed design of facilities and construction supervision and water resources planning.

ABC Consulting’s work concentrates on the relation between water and environment, industry and ecosystems.

Watert is essential to human life, production, and trade.  Therefore, one of the greatest challenges of our time is the supply of clean water.

Our experience includes projects in the range of water treatment and supply and its uses in municipalities, supply of drinking water and  supervision of construction of waste water treatment plants, including planing of sewerage treatment and drinking water supply to households and industry, planning, construction and supervision of construction works of  water supply networks, water treatment plants and hydro power plants.

Waste managementABC Consulting’s services include strategy development for  planning and permits issuance for  project management of waste treatment and relevant infrastructure issues.

Following the sustained urban growth of large population worldwide, the development of industry, production and trade, buildup of waste in the rural and urban areas calls for waste management solutions in order to preserve the general quality of life.

Management of waste from its inception to its final disposal, collection, transport, treatment and disposal including monitoring and regulation, implementing is also a field in which we have experience and offer the necessary knowhow.

As waste management practices are not uniform among countries, regions and sectors, we offer guidance and support with project management and implementation of the local legal and regulatory framework.

Environmental protectionEnvironmental protection has become one of the most crucial issues of our time. Our knowledge of the requirements which must be met on local level in all areas of environmental protection is a vlauable advantage to our partners.

EIA and ESIAABC Consulting has a wast experience of undertaking challenging Environment Impact Assesmens and Environment and Social Impact Assesments in the initial phase of various projects.

In order to ensure that decision makers consider the environmental impacts when deciding whether or not to implement a project we cooperate closely with mining, energy, construction and other companies executing EIAs to access the environmental positive and negative consequences of a plan or project prior to the decision to move forward with the intended action.

SEATo ensure that environmental considerations are attended to at the earliest project stage, ABC Consulting implements a wide range of skills to undertake Strategic Environmental Assesments. We accompany our partners in this decision making process, aiming to ensure that environmental and sustainability aspects are considered effectively in plan making

RoadsFrom a social, cultural, ecological and economic aspect roads are of fundamental importance.  The improvmenet of the quality of life in all regions largely depends on road construction.

Issues like traffic jams caused by the constantly increasing traffic flow and negative effects on the environment continue to present global challenges to modern day societies.

ABC Consulting has the capacities and experience to address and solve these issues by comprehensive planning and reliable consulting practices.

MiningOur experience and knowledge helps mining companies meet diverse chalenges and specific regulatory requirements, as well as to fulfill the standards of environmental sustainability while concetrating on quality and delivering professional consulting services tailored to each specific project.

While providing comprehensive consultancy with environmental, water, waste management, and infrastructure projects., we understand that a well-planned and researched site leads to a environmentally-friendly and cost effective project.